Fitness seems to be paramount in almost everyone’s life nowadays. If it’s not trips to the gym, it’s boot camp and zumba etc. There’s something for everyone and something to suit just about all ages. I must admit that I’ve done some aerobics and zumba. I even returned to football last year (until Michelle decided to have a baby and Shauna moved to Australia)!! The cheek of them!! So the fun filled football nights came to an end!
Having been an avid walker since my youth, and an occasional runner, I can honestly say that I’m definitely not ‘unfit’ but there’s been a niggling desire to take on a ‘fit camp’ for the past few years. There was always the list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and somehow the ‘cons’ always seemed to win.Mia
Now I’m not someone who wishes to lose weight. I live a reasonably healthy lifestyle: I eat loads of fruit and veg; I drink green tea (for over 20 years), ginger tea and lots of water. However I guess to counteract all that I also drink coffee, wine and guinness, and enjoy the odd takeaway!
Two weeks ago I read in the Irish Times that columnist Ann Marie Hourihane was conducting a personal social experiment – she was giving up booze for a month and writing about it. I thought, that’s a great idea. Taking on a challenge and writing about the experience. I enjoy a glass of wine or two in the week, a few guinness on a Saturday night. I often socialise without booze, so I don’t think giving up the booze would be too challenging for me. Ann Marie on the other hand admits to drinking more often and the need to drink when socialising. So I needed a new challenge to write about.mia 3
Earlier this morning (at approx. 7am) I noticed that Mia’s FunFitness was embarking on yet another ‘fit camp’ commencing on Monday morning. 3 mornings a week for 6 weeks (6.15am – 7.15am). Alarm bells were ringing…could I do this…could I really write about how it affects me……could I…..will I…..heck, let’s go for it!!! I contacted Mia and signed up.
The reasoning behind this blogging about it, is to ensure I carry it through. Ann Marie Hourihane is carrying her challenge through, so I intend to follow suit.
Mia’s FunFitness has assured me this will be a doddle. I’m not so sure. But either way it’s going to prove very challenging and hopefully rewarding. This blog won’t be for everyone to read, but if you fancy keeping up with how a ‘fit camp’ really affects a 40+, reasonably healthy and average fit, female, do enjoy the read. I intend doing a daily blog from Monday onwards.
Now Mia, do go easy on me. Like I say I’m not looking to lose weight, I’m looking to get fit. And the main reason for this is I have to make a speech at my brothers wedding in September…now the speech part I’m looking forward to…but I need to ensure that I’m fit enough to run like hell when I’m finished…my brother and his new wife will definitely be out to kill!!!!Mia 2