Liam A. and Dave C. have become a regular fixture recently in The Squealing Pig wee bar on a Saturday night. We’ve all known Liam for many years and his music just keeps getting better. One is always guaranteed a good night’s craic when you know these two guys are going to be the entertainment.
So, Saturday last was no exception. There was Lizzy, Travis, John Cougar; there was country and there was folk; and then there was the attempt at one of my personal favourites, Bryan Adams – this one kind of failed miserably! Looks like I just have to be patient a little longer and see the real thing at Westport Music Festival in June (bring it on). However, the most notable omission from the night must surely be, ‘Wagonwheel’. wagonwheelYes, Liam did point it out to me, but there was no need. I was rather satisfied that the dreaded song failed to make an appearance in the lads most recent set. Here’s to maintaining this guys!!
Liam and Dave brought headbanging to the wee bar. They had the locals dancing in tiny spaces. There was the local GAA chap dancing with C! They had us all enjoying some great music. There was even a bozo lurking in the background!! It’s all there in the Pig wee bar!
No doubt these two will be back in the wee bar very soon, so if you’re in the vicinity, be sure and pop along. And here’s to leaving ‘Wagonwheel’, in the distant past, where it surely belongs!