Mary McCauley sent the following letter to Enda Craig of the Carnagarve Group.

7th May 2014

Dear Enda,

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to the issue of the proposed sewerage treatment plant for Greencastle/Moville.

As a first time candidate and someone with a very strong passion in the future of Greencastle and Moville I feel the issue of a treatment solution to address the current lack of sewage facilities in the area is of the utmost importance.

I know from living in the area and from my canvass so far that it is an issue that everyone feels is important and which is necessary for the future development of our area.

I am however also aware of the concerns expressed in regard to how the issue has been dealt with by Donegal County Council and of concerns with regard to proposals put forward and pushed by the Council Executive. I particularly am aware of the many concerns raised with regard to the Councils proposed site for the outflow pipe in the Foyle estuary and submissions put forward as to the dangers that this could have for ensuring that emissions from the treatment plant would go out to sea and not pose a threat to the Foyle shoreline or beaches.

In this regard I believe the council should consider proposals for any outflow pipe to be situated north of the Foyle estuary to ensure that all outflow escapes the estuary tides and has a certainty of going straight to sea.

While the sewerage treatment solution is crucial to the current lack of any sewerage infrastructure in the area, I believe it must be addressed in a way that protects the local shoreline and the concerns of the local community.

I look forward to addressing these issues if elected to the council and working together with all to ensure that Donegal County Council listens to the concerns of the local community and that progress can be made towards delivering a sewerage treatment solution that can have the confidence and support of all in our community.

Yours sincerely