Sounds a bit mad, but twas a story I heard earlier today!! My uncle was recalling a story his daughter told recently and it was a tad funny, so just had to share!
My cousin was in a quaint old bar in Leitrim a while back, and it remains unchanged for most of a century. The toilet is quite a distance away outside, but functions all the same. A couple of years ago, an American tourist visited the said pub and asked where the ‘bathroom’ was. The elderly gent who is the proprietor said, ‘the bathroom…you mean the toilet’, and told him that you go out the back door, turn right at the top of the lane and you’ll find it just in front of you. So off the Yank went and did his business.
On his return he said to the owner, ‘there’s no lock on the bathroom door’! To which the elderly owner replied, ‘Lock! I have had no shit stolen from it in over 40 years’!!!!
The moral of the story…….you decide!!!