Whilst watching the 5k this morning I was taken in by many of the sights. The sheer dedication of those running and many whom were running this as their very first 5k run. Huge respect to each and every one of them. I recall my first 10k in Dublin a few years ago and how great if felt on completion. So I can relate to how the first big run feels.dsc_6931
However, during the run today I noticed local teacher Johanne McColgan running alongside her daughter and another young girl. I remarked it to her after the run and she told me that before Easter she told her class that if anyone wanted to run the 5k that she would accompany them around the course. And that’s what she did this morning. A runner herself with the Derry marathon coming up, she choose not to compete in today’s race but instead guide the little ones. Now that’s what I call a dedicated teacher. Congrats to the two little ladies whom she accompanied today.dsc_7000