James & Niamh shot to local fame when Rosatos gave them a chance at the tender age of 14. they became very popular and even played the main stage at the Light house Festival.

Niamh developed as a great singer and James as a great musician.

However, they broke up more than a year ago.

James & Niamh

James has played a few times with Debbie & Geraldine but Niamh hasn’t played in Rosatos since those days.

She’s played in Muff where she comes from and in other towns in the area.

However, she is back in Rosatos on Saturday night for the first time in ages.

Every time I saw the duo I always thought they were better than the last time I saw them.

It will be interesting to see how much Niamh’s singing and act have improved in the past year or more.

It should be an interesting Saturday night in Rosatos – and a good one.