Easter Sunday at Tullynavin in Redcastle is an annual gathering of the Lafferty clan. It’s my family and Easter is OUR time of year. We all come together for the day and celebrate what it means to be ‘family’. Our uncle Packie is the main organiser and the day can take many forms. But primarily it is a day of fun, celebration and family!Bingo
Yesterday was no exception. 2014 was the year when family members returned from all over the world and those that were unable to make it were there in spirit and phone calls.Bingo 2
As always the family games were paramount. There was Bingo..there was The Cube..there was Play Your Cards Right..There was marbles (many were lost!)…there was the Egg Hunt…There was the sack race…there was so very much more. Family was at the core and fun was always present. The festivities went on into the night. It was very hard to leave.Egg hunt
A little cottage (the homestead) was the meeting place. A tiny kitchen was the heart of the day. Tea, coffee and lots of food ensured that no one went hungry. Chitter, song, music and games were endless. Love was all around. Cousins, aunties, uncles showed that family really is the best friendship in the world. A little video has gone through facebook to relations in Australia and the world over….2015 will hopefully see some of the McGroarty clan return for an even bigger and better reunion than ever before…Paddy Mc get it sorted!Sack race
Family tradition is very much alive with our gang and here’s hoping this will live on for many generations to come. Here’s to keeping family alive….the wealth of love among this gang is never ending.