Liam Atcheson was again playing in the Pig ‘wee bar’ last night. And boy does he play music!! From Travis, Bruce, John Cougar to Thin Lizzy, this guy can sing. (I’ll omit to mention that he continues to sing that dreaded ‘Wagon……..’) Liam has been playing for many years in the local area and he just keeps getting better. It’s a real treat going into the local bar for your usual Saturday night tipple and hearing damn good music.
However, we don’t really want Liam A. to move over, but he may have no choice very soon. Last night Liams daughter Jessica took over for a stint. And her rendition of ‘Valerie’ not only blew me away, but every single person on the premises. What a performance. I for one, would like to hear more of this talented young lady. Liam, step aside every now and then, and let this beautiful kiddo of yours show us a little more. I hadn’t heard this young lady sing before last night, but I certainly hope to hear a lot more of her. Forget Britain’s Got Talent…….Muff has it all!!