The local butchers proves a hive of conversation and discussion once more. Amazing the topics that arise whilst waiting on the meat!! A lady in front of me was saying how one would be happier to have €500 and spend a week at home, and enjoy the surroundings and sleep in ones own bed, as opposed to enjoying a relaxing hotel break in a nearby town or village!
Thankfully the butcher boy was confident to disagree and explained that there would be no enjoyment in staying in ones own house and holidaying as it wouldn’t feel like having a break. I agreed with himself and emphasised to the lady that there’s always something to do at home and it never feels like a holiday. She looked at the butcher and said ‘you young ones’. So I’m hoping that as I agreed with the butcher that it includes me among the ‘young ones’ too!!!
Hotel break v home stay??? Hotel break every time!!