We’re all familiar with the popular television programme ‘Come Dine with Me’. Many have hosted their own version and normally it takes place over a few weeks or perhaps months. But four local ladies embarked on their efforts exactly two years ago. The said ladies all hail from Muff and Quigleys Point but live elsewhere. Easter 2012 the gals were all at home and decided to kick start their ‘Come Dine with Me’ experience at one of the ladies parents home in Muff. The other three were to plan over the coming months when all four would be able to travel to the respective homes and coincide with holiday times.
DiningSo next on the agenda was London. And the four ladies congregated one weekend in the London home and following that was Birmingham. All four met and dined (and wined, and wined) and tonight sees the final dining experience at a house in Dublin. Videos have been made of the girls nights and tonight will be no exception. It’s taken exactly two years to complete the local ladies ‘Come Dine with Me’ and a winner will hopefully be announce before tonight is out. Who will it be? Time will tell. But I’ll certainly be rooting for my sister and the Birmingham dining! Have fun girlies. And good luck to the winning lady! Dublin will be experiencing dining at it’s very best tonight.