It’s that time of the month again and the saga of the Muff Ladies continues. This month they decided to broaden their horizons and venture into new territory!! The Craft Village and Cafe del Mondo was the venue and transformed into a cinema for the night!
Calamity Jane was the movie and the ladies were transformed into cowgirls for the duration.
The ladies from Muff were not alone on this occasion. A host of ladies joined them for the night and a number of birthdays were also celebrated. On arrival at 6.45pm there was a restaurant full of strangers….by 10pm there was a restaurant full of friends and companions. New dates were made for future nights with the now bigger gang!
Calamity played on the big screen and the singing began from the tables. Songs such as ‘Just blew in from the windy city’ and ‘The Black Hills of Dakota’ had us all bursting with song. Laughter was paramount at such lines as:’Look at these! Silk, pure silk! I’ll bet her mother spun ’em!’, ‘That’s better. Next time I tell a story, keep your hands in your *pockets* you toothless old buffalo!’ and ‘Tip your hat when you speak to a lady!’ Calamity Jane 1
Dinner and wine were served by the delightful John Butler…handsome and attentive, one couldn’t fault the service! (the long wait on food enabled more wine to be consumed and the banter to flow!) When the food arrived it was exquisite in every way. Simply delicious.
Check shirts were everywhere. And even one Muff lady was dawning her designer check (borrowed from her daughter of course!). The feet were a tapping, the glasses were a clinking.calamity jane 2
Chitter chatter was not drowned out with the movie. Weddings are approaching, and studying is being done. Work and walking are all happening in the Muff ladies lives at present. A lot of ground and life is being covered by these gals. Secrets are told, and gossip is whispered. But friendship prevails and continues. Another night is already being planned, and it’s going to be yet another twist in the outings of these fine gals! Cheers girlies!