A new survey by Teagasc has rated every town in Ireland and ranked them according to which towns are doing best according to two factors, the unemployment rate and the migration rate, and which towns are doing worst.

They ranked 302 towns.

No town in the Donegal was in the top 50.


Moville was in the bottom 10%.

Indeed they ranked 273rd out of 302.

They ranked 276th for Unemployment with only 26 towns doing worse.

The last time I saw a figure, unemployment was around 30% in Moville – the worst it got in the USA in the Great Depression.


Surprisingly they are only 192nd out of 302 towns for migration.

Maybe people would prefer to be unemployed in Moville than working elsewhere.

I looked for Greencastle as well and couldn’t find it, but of course it is a village.


Moville wasn’t the worst town in Donegal.

Lifford was 284th and came 300th out of 302 for Unemployment.

It must be pretty bad for work there.

Letterkenny is 286th. I’m surprised at that. It was supposed to be the fastest growing town in Ireland and a success story.

Cross Roads is 290th and Ballyshannon is 291st. The businesses there must really be looking forward to the Rory Gallagher festival there in June.

Worst Hit

Carndonagh is doing better than Moville and Buncrana better still.

So, Moville is among the worst hit 10% of towns in Ireland.

Perhaps something should be done.