I was reading my Daily Record this morning and looking at the Hotline where fans can call in or email in comments.

Rangers were getting a roasting from their own fans after losing the Ramsdens Cup Final to Rath Rovers at the weekend.

The Ramsdens Cup is only for those outside Scotland’s top division which Rangers were thrown out of a couple of years ago.


Ally McCoist the manager was being told by angry fans that he had to quit.

However, one reader said “The pressure on McCoist is unfair. He almost pulled off a shock against a team from a higher league”.

That was really twisting the knife.


I remember a few years ago when Scotland drew 2-2 with the Faroe Islands, a radio call-in programme had Scots fans foaming at the mouth.

One caller said that he was ashamed to be associated with such a bunch of inept players who were not fit to wear the jerseys of their country and who drew with such a useless bunch like that.

He said that he was not going to watch them again and he would be ashamed to go to his work in the morning or tell people where he came from after that dismal display against a bunch of no-hopers”.

What part of Scotland are you from?” the show’s presenter asked.

“I’m not from Scotland. I’m from the Faroe Islands” was the reply.


I remember another time in the rugby World Cup that in a major shock, Wales lost to Western Samoa.

“It’s just as well they weren’t playing the whole of Samoa” one wag said.