Happy Video

Tourist numbers are expected to be given a huge boost this year after Oprah decided to show a musical video made in Donegal in her new show.

She is going to do a one-off special with Pharell Williams about the success of his song and video Happy.

It has been copied many times including a Donegal version – and they are going to show the Donegal version on Oprah’s special which will be seen across America and throughout the world.

Tourist Spots

The video, made by Donegal man Shane Wallace, highlights many great spots in Donegal. An advertising slot this long on the Oprah show, especially a Special, would have cost millions of dollars.

It is expected that this video will attract many more Americans to visit Donegal this year after seeing the great ‘advert’ for it on the Oprah show,

Get a sneak preview of Donegal is Happy, which will be on the Oprah Show by clicking here