For over a year now, I’ve been dining with my folks on a Wednesday at the local Dinsmore Kitchen at Warrenview Manor in Muff. The Kitchen offers a 3 course value lunch for just €6.50 on a weekly basis. They also host a monthly Sunday lunch. This lunch is proving not only valuable to myself, but much of the community. For me, it’s the one day of the working week that I’m free and gives me the opportunity to catch up with my parents.
Today was no exception. Mother, Father and myself met with some other relations, and had our weekly catch up and lunch. The menu was simply excellent, and the food, pretty darn good. I had the good fortune to try a delicious Italian dish, followed by home made almond sponge. Food heaven!
Dinsmore lunch menu
Not only is the Kitchen providing great food, but they also have an excellent staff of volunteers who give their time to help with the lunch. So it’s good food with good service weekly. If anyone is in the vicinity on a Wednesday and has their lunch hour between 12.45pm and 2pm, you really should come along and try. It’s the best value lunch you’ll get and guaranteed you won’t need to cook that evening!