A young lady flew out of Dublin airport earlier today on a business trip. On arrival at her hotel this evening she allowed her over active imagination to get the better of her. In her own words as she entered her hotel room she says: ‘Picture this; my room check goes like this- open door, turn on all the lights as I go and close door as quickly as I can whilst ensuring light on, proceed to bathroom make sure shower meets my standards, check to see if interconnecting door, if so is it locked and secure, then check wardrobe. Total panic there’s a bag in wardrobe. Ring reception tell them someone’s bag in the room and leave. Get a new room after telling receptionists I was not impressed.’
So the hotel staff being very accommodating immediately transfer her to another room. And her new room is bigger and better than the previous one….that with the mysterious bag in the wardrobe!!
The said lady goes on to say: ‘New room, same procedure, find same suitcase in wardrobe – it holds pillows!!!! At least I got a much bigger better room. But now on receptionists black list!! Just as well it’s a short stay!!!’
OH dear! Not so mysterious after all!
Lisa McLaughlin I do hope you enjoy your stay and that you use those extra pillows for comfort during the night!!!