Between blasts of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and U2’s ‘One’ on Saturday night last, there was also the ‘act of contrition’ being cited in the local ‘Pig’! Liam A. was playing pretty cool music (aside from Wagonwheel that is) on Saturday night and yet prayers were still being said! Why?

One group of ladies were discussing the pros and cons of the sacrament of ‘confession’ and why one doesn’t ‘go’ quite as often as when children!! One reason given was that the discussion in the confessional had not changed since they were 8 years old! The sins had no doubt developed just a little, but one was still rhyming off the same speel!! And another lady recalls how the last time she went to confession, she forgot the ‘act of contrition’. It was then noted that the children of today say a different ‘act of contrition’. So immediately, the three ladies recited, word for word, the ‘act’ which they’d been taught in school…and sure enough they’re all from the one era, as word for word was matched by all!! A giggle was indeed had, and a pretty cool version of ‘Summer in Dublin’ then took over from the worry of sin and confession!

Not only was a night of darn good music had in the ‘wee bar’ but sins were forgiven by one another. So I guess the moral of the story is…if you drink in the ‘wee bar’ of the Pig on a Saturday night, you’re sure to go straight to heaven, when your time comes!!!