A Professor of Economics at Keele University, Claudio Piga, has conducted extensive research into when is the best time to buy a Ryanair airlines flight and get it at the cheapest price.

The answer is to book it precisely 10 days beforehand.

It seems that if you buy the tickets several months in advance you will pay a premium to the average ticket price.


There are some people who just have to book a certain flight at a certain time and so have to pay the extra.

Also, in the final couple of days before the flight the price rises by 50% to 75%.

It seems that the budget airlines have worked out strategies to maximise their returns.


Ryanair deny this saying it is all about supply and demand.

So CraicOn looked at it to see if it is true or not.

We looked at flights this week, next week (about 10 days in advance) and three months from now.

The prices of flights from Derry to Glasgow Prestwick are as follows:-

This Week  Next Week  Three Months away

Wed – £48     £28            £28

Fri -    £48     £40           £40

Sat -   £40    £23            £23

Sun    £34     £34            £58


It looks as if it is correct.

With each of the days you can’t get any of them cheaper if you book three months before or this week.

They are all the lowest or joint lowest prices.

So, there you have it.

You know now.