Road Crossings

The new road crossing were laid down a few weeks ago in Moville.  Some people have been confused.

Perhaps the Council could have explained what they are better.

They are not the same as pedestrian crossings like zebra crossings where you can step out on the roads and cars have to stop.

There was a problem in the town that there were some points where it was difficult to cross the road.

Zebra Crossing

One solution might have been a zebra crossing.

However, there’s a major problem there.

If you put a zebra crossing in, you have to have a space of 8 metres on either side  where cars can’t park.

That would have taken away much of the parking on the main street of the town including some of the parking outside Gillen’s shop.

Local businesses would have been up in arms.

Only Solution

So, these new crossing were the only solution.

To be clear what they are, the driver still has the right of way so people shouldn’t step off the kerb.

It is basically a designated area for people to cross.

Drivers should know that this is a pedestrian crossing area.

However, some may not and some may know what it is but not stop anyway. That’s people for you.

The Rules

What people should do when they want to cross the road is to wait on the pavement and wait to see if car drivers will stop.

You should not step out on the road.

If the driver stops then you should then proceed to cross the road.

Pass that on to as many people as you can.

Best Solution

It’s not a perfect solution but it is better than the situation before where people found it difficult to get across the road in peak time, and it is the best solution where we don’t take out 48 metres of parking in Moville’s main shopping area.

There’s a problem at the moment but when everyone knows exactly what the crossing is then it should be an improvement on before.

So, let as many people know as soon as you can.