When I refer to people in Moville in articles I refer to them as Movillians.

I’m told that this is their official title (although some say the 2nd ‘i’ is silent).

But what are people from Greencastle and Redcastle called?

In an article today I called them Greencastlers but I don’t think that is their title (unless it refers to their chess players).

Greeks and non-Greeks

I know that they are sometimes called ‘Greeks’ but that is only because Greencastle and Greece start with ‘Gree’ and I’m pretty sure that is not their official title.

Maybe Greencastlers, or Greencastlites or Greencastlians (like Movillians) might be suitable but all of them seem a bit stilted and don’t sound right.

Maybe we should look at other places that end in ‘castle’.

Newcastle Folk

People from Newcastle are called Novocastrians.

This appears to be from the Latin or at least from a language like Italian or Spanish which has a Latin root.

The Latin for new is Novum and the Latin for Castle is Castellum (in Spanish it is Castillo).

So, we have the back end of the word for people from Greencastle and Redcastle, i.e. ‘castrians.

Green and Red

So what about the front part?

What are the words for Green and Red in Latin?

I’ll just check that out on Google.

It seems that the Latin word for Green is Prasinus.

So, people in Greencastle would be Prasinacastrians.


It’s a bit of a mouthful but shortening it to Prasicastrians might be better – although both could well end up being shortened and end up with people from Greencastle being called The Prasies.

It might be more appropriate for ‘the Greeks’ to take the Greek word for Green.

In Greek the word for Green is Chloros but Chlorocastrians doesn’t sound good.

Indeed it sounds downright dangerous.

Redcastle Folk

So, what’s Latin for Red?

It’s ruber, rubra, rubrum.

I don’t think that Rubercastrians would be good as it could end up with them being called the Rubbermen which I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy with.

However, Rubracastrians would be better – and on the same lines as Novocastrians.

Incidentally, people from Whitecastle would be Albacastrians.

Task Complete

So, that’s it – Prasinacastrians, Rubracastrians and Albacastrians to go along with Movillians?

How does that sound?

Maybe I’ll test them out in articles to see how they go rather than keep having to say’ the people from Greencastle’ all the time.

It would just be ‘The Prasinacastrians’.

It sounds like a warrior race (and one that would have White Collar Boxing).

Maybe it does fit!