London Smog

When I lived in London the smell of smog was a regular smell. Usually there was a fair amount of petrol fumes in it.

I saw in the BBC weather report last night that the south of England had got a smog warning.

It seems that the normal smog was mixing with Desert sand particles which had been blown north from the Sahara desert.

It didn’t show the smog getting s far as this but it is definitely here.

You can see it on the windows of houses and cars.

The guy who washes the windows about town will be busy over the next few weeks.


You can also smell it in the air too.

It’s not often you can smell the petrol exhaust in Moville.

Normally any smell would be from coal or turf burning.

However, when I went up town for my newspapers today I could smell it in the air.


It said on the BBC weather forecast that living in a smoggy area like London can take half a year off your life.

It happens too rarely in Moville for it to have that effect.

Nevertheless, asthma sufferers should stay inside as much as possible till it all dies down.