We were sent this.
Greencastle & Shrove Youth Club on an Adventure Day.
It was a surprise location and the activities thrilled us all!
Right on our ‘doorstep’ we discovered a forest with friendly folk and opportunities to try new things like making our own bow and arrows, cross the river, up high on a rope bridge, take part in a tree treasure hunt, and after all that, we enjoyed food and music under the canvas on the ‘island’.
Special Day
Our playground was the amazing grounds at Gulladuff House in Moville.
A big thanks to the Moville Holiday Hostel, Celebrate Water and the Bredagh River Hub who all joined in to make it a special day for Greencastle & Shrove Youth Club.
Thank you to the parents who helped out and a special thanks to our Chairperson Brendan Farren who had the idea and helped make it all happen!  The Youth Club continues with a couple more Adventure Days – bowling and another local outdoor surprise event!