Bobby Does Dylan

Some months ago a guy from my hometown in Greenock contacted me to say that a guy called Bobby Harrison, who goes under the act name of Bobby Does Dylan, wanted to play Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough in Moville.

He sent me a YouTube clip of Bobby playing at the Tall Ships Race in Greenock.He  played to a good crowd in a big warehouse.

He also sent me a clip of him playing Oram Mor in Glasgow. He played outside and a crowd gathered.


It seems that Bob Dylan saw this clip and contacted him saying he wanted to meet him next time he was in Glasgow.

He was as good as his word and last November Bobby was picked up and taken to Bob Dylan’s hotel room where he spoke to him there.

There were certain conditions which Bob Dylan’s people told him of beforehand. There were to be no autographs and no pictures.


Bobby gave me the lowdown on his discussion with Dylan when I was in Greenock last weekend but one of the conditions was that there would be no reporting on the meeting between Bobby and Bob and I’ll respect that.

Bobby tells me he is very keen to come to the DylanFest and is happy to come by boat and bring all his sound and lighting gear with him.

I’ll need to start work on that. It was great to meet him and I’ll certainly try to get him gigs.

Here’s the clip at Oran Mor that caused Bob Dylan to get in touch with Bobby.

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