I’m a big fan or Rosatos.  It was unfortunate that it was shut for so long but it has come back bigger and better.

Some Rosatos people didn’t go out anywhere else while Rosatos was shut.

I’m not so fundamentalist.

Other Pubs

I went out and tried Maguires, McGettigans and also the Sean Ti at weekends when there was music on.

They’re all good pubs.

Maguires tends to get a younger crowd than Rosatos – but it’s a good young crowd.

Most young people tend to be positive. It is later in life when they start to get negative.


Moville is well known for its begrudgers.

Those are people who begrudge anyone else any success. I’m told that it is a Moville phenomenon and even in Greencastle this cancer is absent.

Of course it doesn’t apply to the vast majority of Movillians but enough to make things difficult for anyone trying to do something in Moville.

It’s one thing I noticed in Maguires.

There’s a complete lack of begrudgers there – at least at night-time when I go. I don’t know what happens during the day.


It’s a very positive pub with a good bunch of youngsters.

With the high unemployment it is surprising that they haven’t become negative and cynical – but they haven’t.

I’ll be going to Rosatos a lot of the time but I’ll still be going to Maguires – especially during the week when Rosatos is often quiet.