Shore Path

Don McGinley, Anthony Craig, and CorMc took films of the storm in early January and Eddie Harkin took pictures of the damage to the shore walk path. We stuck them up on CraicOn.

Martin Farren got into action and got the council roads manager to come to Moville on his day off to see the damage. It seems he had already seen the pictures and film of the damage.

He promised to ask the council engineers down quickly to assess the damage. They did this and put the damage at 70 grand.

This assessment was swiftly sent to the Government to try to get emergency funding to fix it.


Martin called the Labour junior Transport Minister, Alan Kelly, to lobby hin about getting the emergency funding.

He was sympathetic Martin said.

It seems that he too had already seen the films and pictures of the damage.

A few weeks ago I was in Maguires when I saw Dr McGinley and CorMc’s films on a national TV programme about the storm on Three.

The Finance Minister was on the programme saying that he would need to release funds to fix it.

Donegal didn’t get all its funding requests granted but now, we are being told, that almost certainly the Shore path will get its full €70,000.

The FAS guys have done a great job but they can’t do it all.


Tenders have gone out to fix 12 areas of the shore path including the bathing boxes and they were returned on th 24th.

We shall hear more shortly.

It just shows the power of film and pictures. If Eddie, Don, CorMc and Anthony Craig hadn’t taken those films and pictures I would doubt if we would have got anywhere near the 70 grand figure.

Well done to those guys!

And well done to Martin Farren and the Council too!