Bobby Does Dylan

Last summer Bobby Harrison, played Oram Mor in Glasgow. There is a great video on it on YouTube. Bobby calls his act Bobby Does Dylan.

A mutual friend got in touch with me to say that he wanted to play at our DylanFest this year.

I while later the mutual friend called to say that Bob Dylan had been in touch with Bobby to say he liked the video and he wanted to meet him in Glasgow next time he was there.


Dylan has a big house in Scotland.

I contacted Bobby recently to ask when he was going to be meeting Dylan.

Bobby told me that he had already met him last November.

I was astonished and asked him about the meeting.


He said that there were ll sorts of rules but that he had met them and would tell me more next time I saw him.

He was not allowed to ask for an autograph or take a photo.

I don’t know whether I will be able to report on what Dylan said to him when he met him or not.

We’ll see!


So, I’ll be meeting up with him tonight.

I’ll find out if I can tell CraicOn readers anything then.

Hopefully we can get Bobby a gig or two at the DylanFest this year too.

If Dylan has seen Bobby’s clip on Oran More perhaps he has seen the ones taken of the DylanFest here too.

Here’s the video that got Dylan to contact Bobby – Bobby Does Dylan at Oran Mor