Here is a list of the most read articles in July and how many times they were read.

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Plea from Bob Dylan’s home town to CraicOn 725
Photos of new Rosatos 435
Reactions to Rosatos renovations 375
Martin Farren delighted with shore path money 363
New Caiseal Mara owner’s plans for the hotel 345
Film of St Patrick’s Day Parade in Moville 319
Tony Bramwell coming to BeatlesFest 2014 311
Caiseal Mara won’t open for Paddy’s Day 291
Grand Opening at Rosatos 283
It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Moville’s baby porpoise is alive 283
Today is last chance for Moville’s porpoise 270
Possible Divorce in Kilderry, Muff…..War of the Roses! 268
The Border Cafe is OPEN! 257
Hurrah! Rosatos is opening tonight 253
Top 4-Piece band for Rosatos Opening Weekend 241