Bob Dylan

Hibbing, Minnesota is where Bob Dylan was brought up. That, and Greenwich Village, where he went to live in New York in his late teams are US-wide Meccas for Bob Dylan fans.

They have an annual festival dedicated to Bob Dylan lasting several days, just like the one in Moville, when they can take people around and show them where Dylan lived, went to school and where he hung out as well as having the music and the talks.


This morning we got a Facebook message from Linda Stroback who is from Hibbing. It said:-

This is Linda from Hibbing, Minnesota. I own the restaurant Zimmy’s and am desperately looking for someone to buy the building & business to keep Bob’s legend alive. We have a treasure trove of memorabilia. Contact if you know someone – maybe Bob himself!”

It says on te Zimmy’s website:-

Zimmy’s Restaurant Closed

Dear Friends and Customers: We are sad to announce that Zimmy’s is forced to close. We hope that this condition is only temporary as we seek a solution that will allow us to re-open as quickly as possible so that we can continue to serve you. Thank you for all of your loyalty and friendship over the past 30 years.


According to TripAdvisor:-

“Once Hibbing’s Historic Trolley Car Station at the turn of the century, now is our towns’ favorite dining establishment, featuring exquisite local cuisine: Lunch Dinner & Late Night menus. Inside fireplace or outside patio to enjoy depending on the weather. Bob Dylam memoribilia abounds, paying tribute to our local hero, so whether on “Highway 61 Revisited” or just “Blowin’ In The Wind” Zimmy’s is a must!”

Daily Tribune

According to the Hibbing Daily Tribune:-

“Zimmy’s is a destination restaurant, one that put Hibbing on the map due to its homage to Bob Dylan. It attracted visitors from across the world, and many annually during the Dylan Days celebration each May.

“The hardest part about losing this place is that it’s the only place that honors Bob Dylan and does so loudly,” said [Zimmy’s Chef Audrey] Johnson. “Another hard part is that people from Hibbing don’t like Bob Dylan as much as people not from Hibbing like Bob Dylan”.


So, if anyone is interested, get in touch with Linda Stroback via Facebook.

Said Linda “Zimmy’s was created in 1990 and grew into the unofficial Bob Dylan museum visited by people around the world.

“We have been in magazines, books, documentaries, even museum exhibits about Bob, again world wide.

“It took some 24 years but we put Zimmy’s & Hibbing on the map. The location is Main Street/ Howard Street where Bob worked & played as a child & young man. We want what we started to live on”.

Stuck Inside of Moville

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