Soapland is not one I visit very often but one such land I’ve be an avid visitor to over the years has been that of ‘Home and Away’. It’s the only daily soap that I try to catch up with regularly for over 30 years. As a teenager I rushed home from school to watch Tom, Pippa and gang. Now I like to lounge on days off and watch multiple episodes when time allows. Myself and Annmarie have a few graves to visit in Summer Bay one day…Finn’s will be the first!!

So I was just a little in ‘awe’ of our very own Maria aka Mia, when I discovered that just earlier today she had the great pleasure of hanging out in Summer Bay for real. I guess a little jealousy did indeed present itself. But I’m sure Mia will have picked up just a little souvenir for myself whilst there!!
Mia Home and AwayI just hope she’s been doing a little running whilst holidaying in Oz…1st June is getting ever nearer and the Derry marathon is fast approaching! Here’s to Mia and her Australian adventure.