Art Parkinson  For the Love of Art


Movania’s lad Art Parkinson has won a part in a new movie called San Andreas about a massive earthquake. He will co-star with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who was in Fast and Furious 6 along with a host of other films.

Also starring will be Alexandra Daddario who was in Percy Jackson and Carla Gugino who was in Night at the Museum.

It’s a great opportunity for Art who goes to the local Gaelscoil and helps out around the Putting Green Cafe in the summer along with his brothers, Pierce and Padraig.


Art plays Ollie, a ten-year old who has to flee when the earthquake strikes.

He and his mum, Movania, have been going back and forwards from Los Angeles recently for another film that Art was in.

San Andreas will be shot in Australia rather than California though.

Game of Thrones will start again shortly in which Art plays Rickon Stark. He revealed on the Late, Late Show recently to Ryan Tubridy that he doesn’t even get to watch the show.


He and Movania will be off to Australia soon to shoot San Andreas.

He has also been cast as the son of Luke Evan’s character in the movie Dracula Untold to be shot by Universal, Legendary Pictures.

One would guess that he won’t get to see that one either – except, maybe, from behind the curtains.


It looks like Art his going places – and not just geographically.

Art gets special permission from the Gaelscoil to go to these film shoots and takes his work with him that his teacher sets.

Maybe soon, though, he’ll be able to teach her a little about Geography with all the places he is getting to go and see -  and he’s still only 12 years old.