No Charges

The introduction of a new free 116 123 Samaritans number will remove any cost for people in distress to call the Samaritans, according to local Labour councillor, Martin Farren.

“The new free-to-call 116 123 number means that the people of Inishowen in distress can find a place to turn without worrying about having enough money for the call.

116123  is an easy to remember number, and it removes any barrier that vulnerable groups in particular may feel exists in terms of the call cost, especially with more people using mobile phones.

Struggling to Cope

“People at risk of suicide, or struggling to cope for whatever reason, need somewhere to turn quickly and easily, where they can talk about their problems. The last thing they need to worry about is the cost of the call.

“We all know someone who is struggling to cope, and it is a great help that people have a confidential service free of charge that they can access. The Samaritans are to be commended for this innovation.”