The British policy on Gibraltar is as follows:-

Spain wants it back again, and it is part of the Spanish mainland and nowhere near Britain, but Britain says it is down to the people of Gibraltar. Whilst THEY still want to remain part of Britain and nor part of Spain that is the most important factor.


The British policy on the Falklands is as follows:-

Although it is just off the coast of Argentina and many thousands of miles from Britain the will of the people is paramount. As long as the people of the Falklands want to remain British (from whence they came) then they would get the full backing of Britain – who once went to war over this principle.

Northern Ireland

The British policy on Northern Ireland is as follows:-

Despite every opinion poll ever taken showing that British people wanted out of Northern Ireland, the people, who by a majority considered themselves British, should be backed and couldn’t be abandoned.


The British policy in Crimea, which has a majority Russian population, and which voted 96 per cent in a referendum to rejoin Russia on a turnout of 80% (after it was given to the Ukraine in 1954 by Kruschev, a Ukrainian):-

This is an illegal act by the Russians and is against the Ukrainian constitution.

Surely there is some contradiction here…..

Is the will of the people sacrosanct or not – or only when it suits you.