Art Parkinson

Moville lad Art Parkinson was on Ryan Tubridy’s The Late, Late Show on Friday night talking about Game of Thrones and the films he has been in and the films he is about to be in.

He has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles and will be going to Australia shortly to appear in a movie being made there.

It looks like Art is going to be a big star of the future.

There was a clip of Art on the Late, Late Show a few years ago on the Christmas Toy show.

Proud Mum

There were also a few clips to his beaming mum Movania in the audience for Friday night’s show along with brother Pearce.

Art is on for 7 minutes altogether. If you want to see him click on Art Parkinson on Late Late Show

His interview starts at 35 minutes into the show till 42 minutes.

If you want you can skip the first 35 minutes by dragging along the bottom to the 35 minute spot.

CraicOn is looking forward to interviewing him over a game of putting when the Putting Green Cafe opens in the summer.

He is a lovely lad and the fame has not affected him at all.