Rosatos Reopening

It’s only 8 days ago that Rosatos re-opened after a couple of months out for renovations.

Many people didn’t think they would get it opened for the St. Patrick’s weekend but they managed it.

It was a close thing though as they only got it opened at 9pm on the Friday night. Food recommenced at 5pm on the Saturday.


Among the changes made, the speakers were removed from the bit of the bar that you enter.

Reactions by people I asked, or heard say, were all favourable. The faraway wall looks far brighter and more sparkly. With good use of space they now have 22 more seats.

New Rosatos 3

The way the bar was before, on a busy Saturday night the whole place was a giant corridor and there was nowhere you could stand without getting in people’s way.

This is a lot less true now with the extra space at the higher bit.

New Rosatos 4


The toilets are a lot better, brighter and more sparkly than before.

Indeed one of the staff told me that you could eat your food off the floor. I said I’d rather wait for a table to become free – but I know what she meant.


The music acts seem to like the fact  that they are playing against the faraway wall rather than by the fireplace where sometimes the fire had only gone out not too long before.

Damien Sheridan, when he played, always produced a handkerchief between songs to wipe his brow.

The only one negative comment that I heard was that someone who was in the lower bar said he couldn’t hear the band at all from where he was.

This idea is that people who want to hear the music would go to the higher part of the bar and those who just wanted to talk could go to the lower part of the bar.


This is being monitored to see whether people like it that way or whether there are people who like the bottom bit of the bar but also like to hear the music too.

But by far most of the comments have been positive and trade appears to be up even during weekdays.

Rosatos was always popular before but it looks as if the new Rosatos had got the approval of its customers.