After having four music acts in four nights at Rosatos it is back to normal again with music just on the Saturday night.

It is back to the regular four act rotation.

And tonight it is the turn of those great harmonists Debbie and Geraldine also known as the Decibelles.

They usually play with James McDonald but I’m not sure if he will be with them tonight (he must be a Decibeau).


Debbie & Geraldine sprung to local fame when they finished runners-up in the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy’s Songwriter Contest losing out to a Cork guy, Laurence Hackett, with a Dublin man getting third.

It was only a great song When We Do Fall by Laurence Hackett.

They usually play the song that finished 2nd in their act.


They play and sing with such joie de vivre and their harmonies are just great.

It’s a classic case where one and one makes a lot more than two.

Try and catch them at Rosatos tonight.