Over the past few weeks (ie. Lent) I’ve been trying to refrain from ‘too many’ take away meals. It’s all too handy come the weekend to order ‘in’ as opposed to cooking! And no one enjoys a ‘fish supper’, ‘chinese’ or even the odd ‘burger’ as myself! Healthy eating is a big part of my diet but come the weekend after a hard working week, it’s rather easy and handy to just ‘order in’ or indeed ‘eat out’. So for Lent I decided to make the effort to cut back on such habits. (just cut back, not refrain!)

I’ve found the perfect solution! Kids meals! The ‘Border Cafe’ opened recently in Muff and it really would be such a shame NOT to try it out. So I decided to meet my newfound eating habits half way! I’ve been ordering ‘kids meals’. And boy have they succumed to my tastes! The Border Cafe offers a wide range of meals for the little ones and I’ve even acquired a few mementos along the way. I’ve discovered that the ‘chips’ are simply outstanding…and the cheeseburgers are just divine!Kids meal

At only a fraction of the portion of the ‘normal’ meals, I’m getting the pleasure of enjoying great take away food (a few less calories) and a drink and gift each time. So far I’ve acquired hair clips and a golf ball key-ring. Some child will be delighted with their birthday presents real soon.

And I’m getting the benefit of take-away food and not piling on too many pounds!!!!

So here’s to many more ‘Kids Meals’ and continued enjoyment of the ‘take-away’ food on offer near home!