Local Pub

What will your local pub look like in the future? Will there be massive changes as there has been in every thing else with the advent of better and better technology?

Yes there will.

One of the main changes will be that there will be no bar staff. They will not be needed. Indeed there will not be a bar.

It takes up too much space in a pub anyway.

New Rosatos 4


You will be automatically recognised as you walk in the door and greeted with “Good Evening, Sean. Your favourite seat is available. Will you be having your usual?”

A nod of the head will mean that you get that drink all night till you decide to change it.

A drink will be automatically poured for you when you come in and when your glass is getting low.

You won’t need to pay any money as the system knows you and your end-of-night bill will be automatically deducted from your account as you leave.

If you buy a round you will be asked automatically “Same again?” when you want another.

In the beginning they will need people to change barrels and pick up glasses but this will be done automatically by robots later when they sense that a barrel is empty.

No Fights

There will be no fights. It would be senseless to have one as the system will recognise you.

Indeed it would be likely that there would be a central monitoring system at the local garda station where the garda can watch all activity in all the pubs of the town.

All of this technology is already there. It just hasn’t been implemented yet – but it will.

Olde Worlde

There will still be old-fashioned pubs with barmaids pouring pints etc. but these will be called Olde Worlde Pubs and you will have to pay a premium for the service.

New Rosatos 5

Even further in the future you can have a night out with friends who are in far distant parts.

Your hologram will spend the evening having the craic with holograms of your friends who might in reality be in Australia, England, America or wherever.

You could even stay at home and do that or ‘go out’ virtually to different pubs which have different styles.

You could even chat up a hologram of a girl who might really be in Argentina but has decided to send her hologram to a pub in Ireland for the night.

Of course there is a limit to technology and there are some things a hologram can’t do.


The pubs would have holograms of the top bands playing.

Bands would get paid a fortune for playing. Rather than play a stadium to get big money they would play a gig that would be bought by bars around the world.

Their holograms would appear in the bar as if they were there playing live and they would get a fee from each bar.

If the pubs repeated the show they would get another smaller fee for repeats.

You could watch Dylan, or Lady Gaga or Adele or AC/DC as if they were actually performing in the pub.

Anywhere in the World

You could send your hologram to any pub in the world. Indeed you could send your hologram to a virtual reality pub – one that doesn’t really exist. You would be at a pub with people from all over the world, but in Cyberspace, while you were really at home.

So, how does it sound to you?

Would you go to one of these pubs?

Or would you pay more to go to one of the Olde Worlde Pubs with Barmaids pouring pints?