Chocolate Benefits

Scientists now believe that chocolate has a range of health benefits including lower blood pressure and it staves off dementia. It reduces the  long-term risk of a stroke.

So enjoy your chocolate as it is good for you.

You are better with the dark chocolate than the milk chocolate though or to take it in the form of cocoa.

It seems it combines with the bacteria in your stomach to create anti-inflammatory and and anti-clotting properties.

Reduced Risks

A study of 40,000 Swedish men showed that the more they ate chocolate the less likely they were to have a heart attack.
Another survey showed that chocolate could help with dementia.  After just a month of drinking two cups of cocoa a day elderly participants scored significantly better in memory tests.
So, there you have it, chocolate does you good.
I’m hoping to get a prescription for it up at Moville Health Centre.