The Yetis just seem to be on the up and up.

Last year they played for the Taoiseach at one of  the Gatherings. Indeed they were the headline act.

Rosatos chose them as the ones to re-open their premises with – and there was a great crowd for a Friday Night.

As they always say around here, if you want a crowd, book the Yetis.

Vintage Show

Now, the Inishowen Vintage Show has come to the same conclusion.

Last year they booked Nathan Carter to headline the show.

This year it is the Yetis that they have hired to play on their key date, the Saturday Night of the Vintage Show, up at Carrick Field.

They know that the Yetis won’t let them down and they know that they’ll bring a crowd.

Expect a Vintage Performance.

Up And Up

I would say that the Vintage Show would be the biggest crowd that they have played to.

They are just on the up and up.

Who knows where it might all lead.