There’s on thing that is very strange. Supposedly we support democracy and support those fighting for democracy.

However, there have been a few odd things happening recently.

In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood won the election but we supported those protesting to bring the Government down.

Surely what happens in a democratic election is that you wait until the next election and you vote the Government out. The Muslim Brotherhood were becoming more unpopular but the way to oust them is through the ballot box.


What was even more disappointing was that those who supposedly wanted democracy in Egypt supported the military coup so that the Muslim Brotherhood would get kicked out. Most of the Brotherhood are now in jail – yet these were the elected representatives.

It looks as if we support democracy throughout the world – as long as we get the right result.

America is not allowed to give aid to countries where there has been a military coup. They give Egypt a couple of billion a year basically so that they don’t attack Israel.

So, what does Obama do? He calls it something else rather than a military coup – which is what it is.


In Thailand, as well, the Middle Class demanded the removal of the freely elected Government there which represents the poor. They demonstrated and rioted and demanded that the Government step down and an unelected council should rule till new elections were called.

Our press and media were broadly sympathetic to the demonstrators who basically wanted a democratic Government removed.


Now, we have Ukraine which had a democratically elected President. The Western world supported those wanting to remove the democratically elected President.

They succeeded.

However, part of the Ukraine, the Crimea, didn’t want to be part of this new Ukraine.

The Crimea was always part of Russia until 1954 when Kruschev gave it to the Ukraine for some reason. It didn’t really matter much as they were all part of the Soviet Union.

Now the Crimeans, who are 60% Russian, have voted by 97% to rejoin Russia.


What’s wrong with that?

Why can’t they basically go back home?

The vote was democratic.

There’s something strange going on.

Removing Governments

Our leaders and media are sympathetic to elected Governments being removed by protesters and rioters.

The main reason is that we don’t like the Governments that the people of these countries are voting in.

But that’s the democracy.

I’d say good luck to the Crimeans.

They’re getting what they wanted.


The strange thing is why our Western Governments and our Western media don’t want them to have it and have managed to convince most people that we should basically support those who want to remove democratically elected Governments because they don’t like the results.