A great deal of effort goes into planning the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and it is a big success every year, including this year.

Once again the weather was fine. It never seems to rain whilst the parade is on.

It was a long weekend – and a great one for Rosatos to open on.


There must have been some panic that the work might not have been done on time.

They just made it, opening for drinks only at 9pm on Friday and opening for food at 5pm on the Saturday.

The Yetis were magnificent again on the Friday.

Bare Bones

There was a very good 4-piece band called Elephants’ Bone Blues. That was enjoyable despite the singer, oddly, standing sideways to the audience for the whole gig and sometimes with his back to them.

Ryan O’Doghartaigh brought a very good singer with him from Derry, called Noella Hutton, who has played with some of the best, and it was another top performance.

St.Padddy’s Day, itself, saw Paddy the Shoe give a great 3-hour performance.

Long Weekend

It was a great weekend and a long one.

It reminded me of the long DylanFest weekend.

It was great fun but it is nice now to have a break from it.