Paddy’s Weekend

With The Yetis playing on the Friday night and Bulrush the great duo from Derry on the Sunday night, Rosatos already had a great opening weekend programme next week.

Previously they had Savage Henry, a very good duo, who play regularly in Rosatos, fixed up.

Now, as  a statement of intent, they have upped that to a 4-piece band called Elephant Bone Blues.

Elephant Bone Blues is Savage Henry plus, plus, plus . They are normally 5-piece but one of the guys can’t make it.

They extra bit is the drummer and two girl singers.

Elephant Bone Blues

New Rosatos

That should create a bit of sound. It looks as if the new Rosatos is upping the ante and booking bands as well as solo artists and duos.

It should be a sensational weekend – and there’s Paddy the Shoe playing Trad & Folk on St Patrick’s Day too in the new, improved Rosatos.

It should be a real Party Weekend there!

Bring it on!