It had been closed for over two months and they had booked the Yetis for a Friday night in March.

It’s been a long time since Friday nights were busy in Moville. Would people turn out for its first night back again?

The answer was yes, yes and yes again.

Big Crowd

There was a big, big crowd last night there. Eddie looked like the cat that had got the cream.

So, what about the renovations?

Did people approve?

The answer was a resounding Yes.


The music acts will now be at the far wall rather than in front of the fire.

It looked and sounded good.

Of course, the Yetis always bring a crowd. Even if they played in a field somewhere out of town (which they will be doing late this year) they would draw a big crowd.


So, will the success carry on into tonight, the Saturday of Paddy’s Weekend?

Rosatos have gone big for their opening weekend and hired a five-piece band called Elephant’s Bone Blues.

They have played in Rosatos as 2-piece as Savage Henry. The double bass player will be missing but the guitarist / singer who sounds loke James McIvor will be there.

Added to him will be a drummer and two girl singers.


If Friday was busy expect Saturday to be even more so.

And then there is that great duo from Derry, Bulrush, who wowed everyone on the Sunday at the DylanFest, who will play on Sunday night and Paddy teh Shoe from 5pm till 7pm on Paddy’s Day.

It should be a great weekend!

Rosatos is well and truly back!