I remember when I lived in London when I shared a flat with a couple of other guys (near Petticoat Lane) when we cooked mince we would leave it for a while to cool in the pot.

When it had cooled down we then cut a layer of fat that had accumulated at the top.

We always felt better that we had saved ourselves from ingesting that big layer of fat between us.


I buy Donal’s steak mince.

I hadn’t done my old ‘trick’ for ages so I cooked our mince that I was preparing for a Shepherd’s Pie (or more accurately a Cottage Pie) and left it to cool for a while so that I could cut off the fat again.

However, it was a complete waste of time. There was no layer of fat. Indeed, there was no fat at all.

I’ll feel much better about eating Donal’s Steak Mince in the future knowing that it is virtually fat-free.