Shrove Beach

Labour councillor, Martin Farren, has met with County Council staff to look at options to protect delicate sand dunes and “bentgrass” whilst improving access to the beach. 

The recent storms have eroded some of the dune structure at the head of this important tourist beach and the Labour councillor has asked Council staff to come up with an overall plan for the protection of the beach area.

The edges of the bay have always been subject to wind and tidal erosion and the Commissioners of Irish Lights has been maintaining coastal protection works at the lighthouse side of the bay for many years to protect the lighthouse walls.

Said Martin, “For years there were several paths on to the beach for locals and tourists but with the increasing popularity of the beach since it achieved Blue Flag status and became the car park for the new coastal walk at Inishowen Head footfall has increased.

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“Heavier footfall wears away the bentgrass  and  exposes the sand to further erosion.

“Dunes at the head of the beach then get broken down and blow away.

This has been so bad at times that the main road has been constricted by drifting sand. At the same time access for disabled and families with prams and pushchairs has got worse”, said Farren.

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Boardwalk Pathway

A boardwalk pathway is one of the solutions being considered to improve access to “The Big White Bay”, the Blue Flag beach at Shrove.

Continued Martin “I have had several on-site meetings with Council staff about the issues of access and coastal erosion and the emerging consensus is that access for all would be best served by a wooden boardwalk from car-park level on to the beach.

“This could be installed with a gradient to suit wheelchair users and prams and would be raised above the actual sand dunes to prevent further erosion by footfall.

“Donegal County Council has installed boardwalks to beaches elsewhere so I raised the issue of The Big White Bay at our last Inishowen Electoral Area meeting will continue to keep the pressure on to reach a satisfactory resolution.”