There were working right into the early hours of the morning in a race against time to get Rosatos open for St. Paddy’s Weekend. Indeed some of them worked till 2am.


It’s still too early to say for definite but the likelihood is that Rosatos will be open in some shape or form tonight.

It may be tight to get it open for all food but there’s a possibility that they may do pizzas or something like that.

It would be tough to get it open for 5pm, its normal time, but it is likely to be open at some point this evening.


The Yetis are booked to play and that still stands, at the current time, so it looks as if there is confidence that Rosatos will be open tonight by the time they come to play which is at 10:30pm.

Everything else is still up in he mix at the moment.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.