It’s been closed since early January and many regulars have not known what to do with themselves.

It wasn’t certain if they would make it for Paddy’s Weekend.

However, the work is all done.

Rosatos will open at 9pm tonight.


Soon after 10pm the magnificent Yetis will start playing.

This time it will be the full band instead of just Paul and James.

What a way to start back up.

I saw in through the window that the fire is on and blazing.

As my son once said, many years ago, “It’s never winter in Rosatos!”


At 9pm tonight we will no longer be on the outside looking in but in the inside with a nice warm fire and some great music as we quench our thirsts with some foaming pints.

And we can get to see what the new renovated Rosatos looks like.

Welcome back Rosatos!

We missed you!