It was supposed to have opened last Friday night and then again on Wednesday of this week.

Probably the phrase that I’ve heard most in the last couple of weeks is “I had a look in Rosatos the other day and it still looks like a building site…” before expressing an opinion that they didn’t think it would be open any time soon.

Although those two dates have come and gone without them opening, the real drop dead date was this weekend.

If they missed out on opening for Paddy’s Weekend that would have been a huge financial blow.


CraicOn has asked to be kept informed on when Rosatos will open and we haven’t heard anything yet.

However, as we passed by there yesterday evening on our way to Inish Fusion, we had a look in the windows and also on the way back (well, half the town are doing it) there were very encouraging signs.

Work was going on – but it wasn’t the builders, it was the staff.

They appeared to be cleaning going on and the replacing of objects that had been removed when the builders came in.

Last Tasks

That would seem to suggest that they were on the verge of re-opening again as those are the last tasks before re-opening.

Whether they can get it all done for a re-opening today I don’t know. Whether they can open at their normal time of 5pm or later on for the evening music, I don’t yet know either.

However, The Yetis have confirmed that they are still booked for tonight in there and there has been no cancellation.


So, although we have had no official confirmation that it will be open today, all the signs are pointing to this.

Rosatos has been sorely missed and, when it reopens, I’m sure there will be a rush of people going to eat, drink and listen to music there.

There is a whole programme of music on all four nights of the long weekend.

It may even be tonight.

Welcome back, Rosatos!