Muff is very much a part of the contemporary world! And well done to all the Dads in the area. We all know someone who doesn’t have a Dad in their life for one reason or another so it’s a delight to visit the local play park and see it filled with Dads and their kids.

Yesterday evening I took a friends kids along to play for a while and I was the only adult female there. The others were all Dads and their little ones. I sat back and smiled thinking how delightful the scene really was. There was laughter and love within those boundaries and not a care in the world for anyone it appeared.

Family is so important to everyone and memories last forever. The local Dads are certainly building the right memories for their children. Some of my own fondest memories of my kids are playing in the park (unfortunately it wasn’t in Muff) with their Dad. That love and respect continues through life. Enjoy them when their little Dads….they grow up fast.

The community play park is certainly one of the best things to have opened in our area in recent times. It is still in huge debt so do give a euro when you visit. It’s money very well spent!