Irish Trad

Paddy the Shoe has been keeping Irish Trad & Folk music alive in Moville for more than 20 years now with his regular Friday night seisun in Rawdons so it is fitting that he has been booked for all 4 days of the St. Paddy’s Long Weekend.

He has his usual slot in Rawdons on the Friday.

On Saturday night you can catch him at the Sean Ti.

On Sunday he is playing a slot at the Corner Bar.

On Paddy’s Day on Monday you can catch him from 5pm to 7pm in the new Rosatos.


The great thing about Paddy is that, more than anyone else in the area, he is likely to be able to play a request as he knows so many songs.

That’s why he gets so many gigs in hotels and other places where visitors are likely to  be.

There’s a lot of great young acts around the area but none that can play the number of requests that Paddy can play.

It will be well worth going to see him at least once this weekend.

If you play or sing, all the better as Paddy is always happy to let people join in – and maybe accompany them too.